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To compliment our work and support the theory, The £ Campaign has collected a great deal of international data over the years under the previous name of the Exchange Rate Reform Group. In this section we bring all of that together. You can download the main spreadsheet to accompany our most recent pamphlet 'There is an Alternative' and you will be able to download a number of spreadsheets containing global investment and growth dating back as far as 1929.

'There Is An Alternative' Pamphlet spreadsheet

1. Assets per Head

2. Balance of Payments

3. Borrowing and Lending

4. Gross and Net Capital Expenditure

5. Correlations

6. Elasticities

7. Exchange Rates

8. Government Deficits

9. Growth Rates

10. Inflation

11. Input-Output Tables

12. Investment and Growth

13. Labour Force Statistics

14. Living Standards

15. National Assets, Liabilities and Income

16. Population

17. Portfolio Investment

18. Productivity

19. Shares of World Trade

20. Trade Composition

21. Unemployment

22. Value Added Analysis

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